'Parks & Recreation': Meet The Eagleton Doppelgangers (VIDEO)

On "Parks & Recreation," we met the rest of the Eagleton doppelgangers -- alas, there was no return visit for Leslie's double, Kristen Bell. In the newly absorbed city, the cast was paired with their opposites from Eagleton to being the merging process. Ron's double was appropriately also named Ron, and played brilliantly by Sam Elliott. He was as short-spoken as Ron ... but he was also a vegan and stood for everything Ron was against, so Ron hated him.

Tom's counterpart was a computer program named Eric, while April's was a dim bulb who'd changed her name from Jennifer to Tynnyfer. Poor Jerry, who came out of retirement to help with some filing, didn't have a double. But April also changed his name to Larry Gingerch, so he can be his own doppelganger now!

The real standout among the Eagletonians was Donna's double, Craig, played by Billy Eichner. As Donna pointed out, he may be even more passionate about his community than Leslie, which is saying a lot. After he yelled on the phone about grass prices and types, she wondered if he was perhaps too passionate.

"Is there -- and I’m just guessing here -- some kind of medication that you maybe need a lot of and have taken none of, or maybe too much of, today?" she asked him.

“Oh I have a medical condition alright. It’s called caring too much and it’s incurable!" Craig said. "I also have eczema.”

The AV Club's Alasdair Wilkins thought the episode was hilariously brilliant, while IGN's Matt Fowler is holding out hope that we've not seen the last of Eichner. “One by one (even though we knew none of the Parks regulars were leaving) the doppelgangers were eliminated in the name of redundancy - though there might be a chance that Craig winds up replacing Larry Gingerch.”

The merge continues on "Parks & Recreation," Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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