'Parks And Recreation' Premiere: Ron Makes Quick Decision After Finding Out Diane Is Pregnant (VIDEO)

The season premiere of "Parks & Recreation" kicked off with Diane telling Ron that she was pregnant. This was a major announcement, and yet what followed was so beautifully Ron Swanson. He told her that he'd been planning to wait, but in light of this news, he proposed to her right then and there.

The couple then proved to be on the same page about their wedding. Both had been married before, so there was no reason to make it a big thing. Instead, they simply headed upstairs to get married. Along the way, they ran into Leslie and April -- the latter who was thrilled to act as Ron's best man.

Leslie did everything she could to make it memorable and special, but this was a Swanson wedding. So it was abrupt and to the point, making the whole thing both poignant and hilarious. In fact, the entire ceremony was done as part of the cold open to the show, before the opening credits.

Zap2It's Billy Niles loved it, writing that "the small, practical shotgun wedding felt so very perfect for Ron.” The AV Club's Alasdair Wilkins agreed, applauding the show for handling the pregnancy news in a fresh way. "A new father freaking out over a surprise pregnancy is well-worn material
, and such a plotline would simply delay the inevitable moment when Ron accepts his paternal responsibilities," he wrote. "Frankly, both Ron and the show itself have better things to do.”

"Parks & Recreation" launches the new NBC Thursday night lineup every week at 8 p.m. ET.

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