'Parks And Recreation' Tammy One: Patricia Clarkson Makes Debut (VIDEO)

Patricia Clarkson's Frightening Tammy Debuts

After three seasons of fleeting mention, a summer of buildup and a triumphant news break announcing her identity, what was another twenty or so minutes waiting for the on-screen debut of Tammy One?

Billed as Ron Swanson's fearsome first ex-wife named Tammy -- who strikes fear even into the heart of his second ex-wife Tammy -- Patricia Clarkson appeared at the end of the season four premiere with the message that Ron was being audited and the IRS folder to prove it. We can only assume that she's an agent of the bureau, given Ron's declaration that her job was to "ruin peoples' lives."

The hilarious exchange -- "Then why is your mustache trembling?" -- followed the introduction of Ron's mom, who is, of course, also named Tammy. Played by Paula Pell, she joins Clarkson as two fantastic additions to the cast.

And we can't forget about the group that has already made the show so great: the premiere episode was filled with genital shots sent to Ann (hello, Anthony Weiner references), Leslie's grappling with the decision to run for office, Tom's new business venture and Andy's new job.

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