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'Parks and Recreation': Watch Tom Haverford's Nicknames For Ann Perkins Exclusive (VIDEO)

Talk about perfect timing: This Valentine's Day, let "Parks and Recreation's" Tom Haverford show you how to woo the ladies.

In a recent episode of the sterling NBC comedy, Ann (Rashida Jones) went on a date with Tom (Aziz Ansari), despite knowing what a would-be ladies man he is. As she says in the exclusive video above, nothing much happened on the date, but Tom doesn't seem to be aware of that. On the Feb. 16 episode of the show, with typically goofy Tom Haverford brazenness, he acts like he and Ann are a couple, when that's clearly not the case (certainly not in Ann's mind). Basically, Tom really loves nicknames.

Ann may not be impressed with Tom's game at this point, but she's at a place where dating the ambitious Pawnee player is a real option.

"The reality is if you were Ann and you were single and you had gotten to know this guy over the course of three or four years, and he was single and they were about the same age," then going out him would be a real possibility, according to "Parks and Recreation" executive producer Michael Schur. "There’s 60,000 people in the town and that’s it. And you know, how many eligible guys are [left]? Ann went on a crazy run where she dated everybody in town. So [there are] just not that many people left."

Hence the wobbly Ann and Tom relationship, which Schur said will be played for laughs through the rest of the fourth season of "Parks and Rec." Some of the laughs will derive from the fact that, as you can see in the clip, "Tom is way more into Ann than Ann is into Tom at the beginning," Schur said.

There's more from my talk with Schur to come, but for now, find out a lot more about what will happen in Season 4 with Leslie Knope's city council run and which guest stars (including Louis C.K., who stops by Thursday) will be visiting the show in the last third of the season.

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