Parks, in Koreatown?

Parks, in Koreatown?

I know, I know, but I couldn't resist. Park is a common Korean name. Who could?

But on to the reason for this post. Some good news to report for Koreatown.

According to Michael Bai, Assistant Chief Deputy for Council District 10, (Council President Herb Wesson's district), there are plans in the works for a new park on the site of the Pio Pico Branch Library parking lot.

Under the plan presented by Council President Wesson to the full Council earlier today, the parking lot at 694 South Oxford Avenue will be converted into a pocket park. Now, with the full Council's blessing, the next steps are taking the proposal before the Library Commission and the Parks Commission. And then the fun starts, looking for funding for the project.

The plan for a new park in open space-starved Koreatown is welcome news. Council President Wesson first announced his plan to create the park in October 2014. The Pio Pico Branch Library is located on seventh Street between Oxford Avenue and Serrano Avenue. The 10th Council District is one of the most park-poor areas of Los Angeles.

Wesson's plan calls for replacing the lost parking with angled parking along Serrano and Oxford Avenues. Hopefully there will be ample bike parking as well. Public wifi provided by the library is also planned for the park.

As a neighbor, I can't wait. I will share details as they emerge.

Yours in transit,