'Parks & Recreation': Sean Hayes Uses Gotcha Journalism On Drunk Leslie (VIDEO)

What could have been a great opportunity for Leslie in her ongoing campaign for city council in Pawnee turned into an unmitigated disaster on "Parks & Recreation" (Thu., 8:30 p.m. EST on NBC). When she got an invite to be interviewed by Buddy Wood (the deliciously evil Sean Hayes), both Leslie and Ben thought this could be a huge opportunity. Buddy is kind of a big deal in Indiana.

What they didn't realize was that Brooks was planning a piece about what a mess Pawnee is, which is going to immediately put Leslie on the defensive. To make matters worse, the interview was first cancelled and then un-cancelled at the last minute. And in those intervening minutes, Leslie went out and got drunk. And a drunk Leslie Knope, while still passionate about Pawnee, is not a graceful Leslie Knope, nor does she represent her campaign well.

Luckily, Buddy wasn't broadcasting live, or her campaign would have been over before she knocked the chair over. Instead, it was taped, and so there was still time to take care of it. After the way he trashed the airport and Leslie talked about getting raises for the airport employees, it was obvious they were going to have her back. And they did just that by losing his luggage, and the incriminating tape.

That made the long trek to Buddy's house in the hot tub limousine ultimately pointless, but it gave the team a chance to sit back and relax for a while.

"Parks & Recreation" is going to relax for a while, too, taking a break until April 19, 2012, when it will return with its final batch of episodes for the season.

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