Reality TV Just Got (More) Exciting!

Well, sit back down on the couch all you holiday revelers, entertainment just got fun again! You can look forward to these exciting new picks for the reality TV market that are coming your way this January as mid-season replacements!

Just when you thought Reality TV had peaked with excitement, and celebrity pedicures and real-time-trucking was enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, watch as the most brilliant creative minds in television put the "E" back in Reality Entertainment once again just in time to spice things up for the new year!

These inspiring and 'out of the box' choices are sure to keep even the most resolved new year's
resoluter chained to their couches just when they should be working off those holiday pounds!

1) Loud People In Line
Network: BRAVO
Pitch: You've seen 'em, you've heard 'em, and you've wished you could hit 'em. Now you can stand with them! And watch how they wear down even the most patient saint with their substandard intelligence.
Memorable line: "Hey the line was long yesterday too! Did you see that line? But not like two days ago. This line is so long. Did you see Wednesday's line?"

2) Who Didn't Flush?
Network: A&E
Imagine the hijinks as housemates have to identify the thoughtless person of the day from the solid evidence left behind! Diet, eating patterns and smell are just some of the fun tools
used by these amateur sleuths.
Memorable lines: "poke it with a stick!"

3) Waxing The Stars?
Network: FOX
Pitch: Sure you've seen them slide across the stage when they dance and strut, but how do they stay so smooth and hairless when those high kicks have to count? Ludmilla and Hanz are just two of the Brazilian waxing experts who discuss their defoliation techniques using wax, gaffers tape, tweezers and sometimescrazy glue on popsicle sticks.
Memorable lines: ...."sometimes the forest is thicker downstairs than upstairs, don't get me started...!"

4) Put More Stuff In Your Pants
Network: TMC
Imagine biggest loser inside out and backwards! Normal people stuff as many of the things they collect in their lives directly into their pants and then have to proceed through their day as if nothing were wrong. Wait until you see the dance teacher and the swim instructor!
Memorable lines: "I think I sat on my cat!"

5) Cramps
Network: Food Network
Pitch: Gas from overeating? Loose stools? Maybe it's that time of the month? If you have cramps then we want you! Watch as people in discomfort solve problems under pressure in a short time frame. Follow host Miguel Halfmast as he pushes people in discomfort through hedge mazes, returning items at Wal-Mart and trying to get a person at the DMV on the phone.

6) Fat vs. Still Fat
Network: Shopping Network.
Pitch: New fat people meet fat people from last year who are still just as fat.
Discussions and activities include "how little has changed," "things can't change" and "are you going to finish that sandwich?" Watch the excitement as we weigh participants, their friends, their pets and some of their belongings.
Memorable lines: "Have you seen Daniel? Oh, I'm sitting on him."

7) Can You Suck It Through A Straw?
Network: SPIKE
Mike, Tina and Molly, young roommates, accept the challenge to only survive by ingesting every meal through a straw. If they can't suck it, they can't eat it!
Memorable lines: "I didn't' realize there were so many solids in the world."

8) Left Overs
Network: O
Chef Ryan Guyer is forced to march through poor neighborhoods every morning and collect leftovers as raw material for the entire menu of his Times Square restaurant that day.
Memorable lines: "I'm going to make this old turkey baloney sing!"

9) Ship That Box
Network: TRAVEL
Watch in delight as we follow a box that's shipped from Oklahoma to Oregon in real time. Shot in real conditions, where often there is no light and little sound; filmmakers spare no expense or hardship as they stay with the box at all times, at all altitudes and all temperatures, night and day, in trucks, planes and trains.
Memorable lines: There is no dialogue.