Parody Video Pokes Fun At Parents' 'Helicopter' Tendencies

"Every day I'm hovering."

The Holderness family is back with another parody video, this time paying tribute to a well-known parental archetype: "The Helicopter Parent."

"Every day I'm hovering," the parents sing in their original take on LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem." Other lyrics include "she's always on," "gotta make sure that everything's right" and, in response to mentions of "free-range" parents, "I wish I could act like that, but I'd much rather put you in bubble wrap."

The song is called "Copter Mommy," but the Holderni make it clear that "Helicopter Dads" exist too as Penn sings about interrupting little league coaches and keeping track of his kids' every movement.

"Every single one of us parents in different ways -- this is an exaggeration (slight) based on our real life 'coptering' admissions," the parents write in the YouTube description. "We're working on letting go and letting our kids apply their own sunscreen."

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