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Polly Want A @#$*? Parrot Won't Stop Cursing In Spanish, Says Neighbor

A woman in Tracy, California, is fed up with her neighbor's parrot, and not just because it barks, meows and makes sounds like a drill. The bird also allegedly squawks a vulgar word that means "whore" in Spanish.

"All day long, the bird is saying that word," neighbor Jessica Baca told NBC-affiliate KCRA. She told the outlet she's concerned because her grandchildren started repeating it.

The bird's owner, Rita Canisales, said she's only taught the bird English words and thinks it is saying its own name, Rula, rather than the Spanish word, puta. But the owner admitted to KCRA that the bird may be flirtatious toward women.

Baca showed the news station a recording that allegedly captured the bird saying the offensive word. Tracy Animal Services Supervisor Ben Miller told KCRA that they can't prove the bird is swearing.

“As I don’t have any bilingual staff members, I’m not sure we can confirm that it was cursing,” he said.

So is the bird a bilingual misogynist or just a misunderstood loudmouth? Without an uncensored recording, the jury is still out.

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