Stranded Parrot 'Turns Air Blue' Cursing Out Firefighter During Rescue Attempt

Who's a potty-mouthed girl, then?

Jessie the parrot was decidedly unimpressed when a firefighter came to rescue her from a rooftop in London on Monday morning.

The Macaw, who escaped from her owner’s home and perched on a nearby roof for three days, spewed profanity at her attempted rescuer — even after he said “I love you” in a bid to bond with the bird.

Jessie also reportedly told the London Fire Brigade crew member to “fuck off.”

Brigade watch manager Chris Swallow said the rescue was attempted because “there were concerns that she may be injured which is why she hadn’t come down.”

But, “thankfully it soon became apparent that Jessie was fine and uninjured as she flew off to another roof and then to a tree,” he added.

Jessie later returned home of her own accord and was filmed sheepishly saying “thank you” to the fire service:

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