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Parsnip Recipes That Won't Weird You Out

We'll be the first to admit it, parsnips are kind of weird. But these recipes will convince you they're also great.

We'll be the first to admit it, parsnips are kind of weird. The hearty, white, sweet cousins of the carrot are frequently tossed into our soups, and they absolutely rival the potato as the best thing to roast under a chicken, but we rarely let them be the star of the show for some reason.

With winter's arrival, we decided this is the year we give parsnips the spotlight. Parsnips, like other root vegetables, are high in fiber, so you can feel good about giving them another try. We find that parsnips also have a bit less moisture in their roots than carrots, which makes them great candidates for frying, baking into a gratin or mashing with potatoes. To show off the parsnip's versatility, we collected 23 awesome recipes that make this misunderstood and perhaps under-appreciated root vegetable shine. What's your favorite way to eat parsnips? Let us know in the comments!

23 Parsnip Recipes

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