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Participate in My Radio show and Podcast!

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Our weekly public radio program, "Travel with Rick Steves," is aired on more than 300 stations around the USA and is available to anyone as a podcast. And, with the help of great guests and travelers like you calling in, we produce about 40 hours of travel radio a year. Lately, we've enjoyed conversations with such luminaries as American historian David McCullough, feminist icon Gloria Steinem, travel legend Paul Theroux, and even rock star astronaut Chris Hadfield.

It's "talk radio," we're talking travel, and I'd love for share the conversation with you. We pre-record the programs in clumps and before each recording session, we invite those on our "Radio News" e-list to join the conversation. If a guest or topic is of interest and you'd like to be on the show as a caller, you simply submit a request with a question or comment on the topics we're discussing. (We also stream the raw recording sessions for those who'd like to hear the show being taped.)

To be notified with an email about our next topics and recording dates and have a chance to actually be on the show, you simply need to join our radio email list. Just go to our radio page and scroll down until you see "Sign Up for Radio News" on the right side of the page. (We only use your email address to notify you about upcoming recording sessions -- nothing else. That's a promise.)

We'll be hosting 100 of our best European tour guides in mid-January and recording interviews over five days on fascinating topics. To get in on the fun and help us out at the same time, please sign up on our radio list.

Happy travels!