Party Loyalist First And Church Member Second

Donald Trump won the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. He managed to pass the required 270 threshhold by capturing rust belt states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan. He also won in part due to Utah, since all 6 of Utah's electoral votes went to Trump. This may have surprised some people since Trump's polling in Utah was quite low due to a high disdain for him among many Mormons. However, when push came to shove many Mormon voters showed their true colors, choosing political party over morals and values.

Some might say this is an unfair accusation. I would argue that in fact, my assertion is putting it too mildly. Mormon voters pride themselves in being people with a high moral code and sense of ethics. Somehow, though there were enough Mormons who threw those beliefs out the window and instead chose a man who is the antithesis of everything Mormons support and believe in.

Now there may be a myriad of reasons Mormon voters chose Trump. Most can be boiled down to party and political affiliation which seemed to supersede all other reasoning. It seems that millions of Mormons just cannot let go of their conservative ideology, even when it was Trump, the was the most unqualified person running against the most qualified person - Hillary Clinton. Many Mormons are Republican party loyalists first and church members second. I say this because no active, faithful, and believing Mormon can say that almost any of Trump's statements and actions align with any church values.

If you are a Mormon Trump voter, here are the things the man you voted for has done:

  • Called undocumented Mexican immigrants rapists and called for building a wall between Mexico and the U.S.
  • Laughed at those who served in our military like Republican Senator John McCain
  • Mocked a reporter with a disability
  • Proposed a ban on all Muslims from coming into the country
  • Promoted violence and hate when referencing protestors at his rallies.
  • Insulted and demeaned women and sexualized their bodies
  • When Mormon Trump voters cast their ballot on November 4th, they voted for a man who has done everything listed above and much more. If you are a Mormon Trump voter you cannot profess to believe in civility when you voted for a man who believes insults and fear are how we should communicate in this country. You can't talk about religious freedom and "fairness for all" when you helped elect a man who demonizes our immigrant Muslim brothers and sisters. You can't talk about honor and respect towards women and motherhood when you voted for a man who goes around making crass sexual jokes about women and brags about sexually assaulting them. You can't teach your kids the importance of honesty and then turn around and help put a man into the White House who believes lying and cheating workers out of pay is the way you run a business. You can't teach a primary lesson about treating others with kindness when you chose a man for president who thrives off being a bully and a bigot. To do these things would be hypocritical, of which Mormon Trump voters are completely guilty of.

    It is my hope and prayer that Mormon Trump voters will take the next four years and truly reflect on what they did and what it means for them to say they are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Hopefully, four years is enough time for members to release themselves from the shackles of party affiliation and finally have their voting record actually reflect their deeply held religious and moral beliefs.