Party or Die

The slogan "Vote or Die" was intended to motivate people to go out and knock on doors and make phone calls to help elect one pro-war presidential candidate over another. It wasn't much fun and it didn't affect the election or the war.

A lot more fun than knocking on doors to promote muddled positions that try to please both progressives and homophobic militaristic duck-hunting corporatists is ... partying.

And Crawford, Texas, is where the party is. By calling it a party I don't mean to make light of the seriousness of the mission or the horrible grief of Cindy Sheehan and other military families there to protest this war. Rather, I mean to say that through the sadness and the hardships and the thunderstorms, it comes through on every voice my telephone line has carried from Camp Casey that no one will leave there without having been enriched with a sense of solidarity.

Remember those reports last year on a medical study that found that participating in public demonstrations is good for your health? I don't think you'll need to read it if you go to Crawford.

Going to Crawford will be fun. It will also be effective. At this point, Bush's stubborness is influencing his stupidity. He doesn't think that he, the President!, should have to speak to anyone he doesn't feel like speaking to. This is a very bad PR move for him -– at least as long as Camp Casey continues to grow.

An arrest will be a disaster for Bush. A growing crowd through the month will be a disaster for Bush. His only way out -– given his refusal to meet with Cindy -– is to hope that people get tired and go away.

Don't let Bush off the hook. Join Cindy in Crawford. You'll love her and the people with her, and they will welcome you as family.