Party Politics and The War in Iraq

During the three years preceding the 2006 Haitian presidential
election, I went to Washington three times for a total of 75 meetings. I
met with Republicans and Democrats as well as folks from the State
Department and the Pentagon. I even received a visit from former
President Clinton. Not once did I think to myself, " I hope the Haiti
strategy fails because there is a Republican in the White House".

I say this, in part, as a reaction to Dave Johnson's post, "Iraq,
Better?" I read the post because I was so surprised to see it. I even
had to read the BIO. Who is this guy? Imagine some one on Huffpo
suggesting that the Iraq situation may be improving. Frankly, if the
only way the Democrats can win the White House is by having an Iraq
disaster then, as a population, we're f**ked.

I was always against the war but since were in it, I want to hear the
truth. I don't want partisan news or partisan intelligence reporting.
Give it to me the way it is so I can make my own decisions.

I'm a Clinton Democrat. Before I was a Clinton Democrat, I was a
Kennedy Democrat. I still call the airport in Washington, "Washington
National". I didn't like Nixon, Ford, Reagan or Bush although watching
former presidents Clinton and Bush raise funds for international
disasters is probably a positive thing. I think Mondale, Dukakis, Gore
and Kerry are losers. Stupid campaigns. They let me down. In spite of
any of my political inclinations, I'ld rather have the situation in
Iraq get better rather than worse.