WATCH 'Too Drunk' Passenger Punch Uber Driver, Get Maced

"Trip's ended."

What a bad trip.

Watch Uber driver Edward Caban get punched from behind by a passenger he deemed "too drunk." Caban then sprays his alleged assailant with mace.

Benjamin Golden, 32, was arrested Friday on suspicion of misdemeanor public intoxication and misdemeanor assault, the Orange County Register reported.

Caban posted a nearly 4-minute clip of the incident in Costa Mesa, California, eventually turning his dash cam backward toward Golden in the backseat. Caban told outlets that Golden refused to wear a seatbelt, faded in and out of consciousness, and was unable to give clear directions. In the viral video the passenger seems to slur his speech and at one point flops on his side.

As seen in the fuller YouTube version below, Caban eventually pulls into a parking lot, telling the passenger he's "too drunk" to give directions and asks him to exit the vehicle. When the passenger doesn't leave, Caban says, "Get out of my car or I will call the police." Golden opens the door but then punches Caban while pulling his hair and slamming his head against the side door. Caban then pepper-sprays him.

Here's the critical portion of the clip that Caban posted:

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