Passion and Profession: An Intersection

Consider a venn diagram of Medicine and Art, left and right brained. I reside in the intersection, searching for my true north in two circular worlds.

My love for art started early and my parents always encouraged my initial, somewhat pathetic (in retrospect) efforts. Years of growing up in India have definitely influenced my work. While I am not a very religious person, religion, especially Hinduism and Buddhism, fascinates me, as do people, travel, and horses! I am constantly adding to the list.

I also remember playing "doctor" as a child, subjecting my poor family to rounds of "pseudo vaccines" administered by yours truly with talcum powder and knitting needles! Maybe its visual aspect, but anatomy fascinated me in medical school and I pictured myself becoming a surgeon. However, lifestyle choices steered me towards Emergency Medicine, for which I am eternally grateful!

Life happened. Marriage, moving to another part of the world, three beautiful children and my career in Emergency Medicine took over. It was only recently that I took a step back and reevaluated my life. The proverbial midlife crisis! I felt there was a void in my very full life and I needed to do something about it. I was convinced it could only be filled with exercising the submissive creative half and having it play a more dominant role in my life.

I had always dreamt of doing "something different" with my art but never had the time. Painting has always been my passion, yet I could only paint sporadically for enjoyment. People detox with cleansers and I detox with painting! I decided to turn it from an occasional hobby to something more substantial.

An idea blossomed and, supported by my family, I nurtured it and established a small business related to my artwork. Unencumbered by the pressures of making a profit ( thanks to my white coat) I can enjoy every bit of it, from learning about websites, marketing, and most of all the assured and constant creativity.

I love to tell stories with my work and wanted to share this one particular piece inspired from a favorite necklace.


Blame my physician background for the thought process... consider the beads as oxygen molecules that carry the blood from the impure side (depicted by the Buddha's blue face) and purify it (Buddha's red side). Remember the school illustrations of the artery in red and veins in blue? The good and the bad always merge and makes a whole and when you find the balance within, you find peace.

Getting back to my Venn diagram, maybe, a direction is not needed. I acknowledge my worlds collide and it is time I embraced both and live at peace and with happiness in my intersection.