'Passion' Trailer: Rachel McAdams And Noomi Rapace Heat Up Brian De Palma Movie (VIDEO)

WATCH: Rachel McAdams & Noomi Rapace Get Their Black Swan On

Just when you were missing "Black Swan," Brian De Palma goes and takes the story (a lesbian love story with a dark edge) and sets it in an office.

"Passion" stars Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace, fresh off "Midnight in Paris"/"The Vow" and "Prometheus," respectively. The movie is a remake of France's "Love Crime," which is only two years old. The trailer has a tense, brooding vibe famliar to those acquainted with De Palma's previous work ("Black Dahlia," "Femme Fatale," "Dressed to Kill").

Rapace plays McAdams' naive disciple, seemingly willing to follow her into bed. Also, there's murder involved. Watch the trailer, which includes the most creative use of kissing noises we've heard to date, above.

"Passion" will make its bow at the Venice Film Festival before going on to Toronto. There is no U.S. release date yet.

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