Passover Quotes, Greetings, And Passages For Passover 2010

Passover Quotes, Greetings, And Passages For Passover 2010

Passover 2010 begins with the sunset on March 29, and continues through April 6.

One way to commemorate the Jewish holiday is to share Passover quotes with loved ones. We've compiled a series of Passover quotes, greetings and passages so you can do just that.

Feel free to share your favorite Passover quote and add others in the comments below.

"Thou shalt therefore sacrifice the passover unto the LORD thy God, of the flock and the herd, in the place which the LORD shall choose to place his name there." -Deuteronomy 16:2

"Remember this day, on which you went free from Egypt, the house of bondage, how Adonai freed you from it with a mighty hand...." -Exodus 13:3

"Observe the month of Aviv, and keep the Passover to Adonai your God; for in the month of Aviv Adonai your God brought you out of Egypt by night." -Deuteronomy 16:1

"A lot of people think Passover just means you can't eat bread. But it's so much more than that, and that's what I find the hardest. I love ice cream, but it has corn syrup in it, so I can't eat it." -Marsha Cohen

"Passover affirms the great truth that liberty is the inalienable right of every human being." Morris Joseph

"Passover is one of my favorite times of the year. This is when the whole community and family gets together to remember who we are and why we are here." -Jennifer Wagner

"Passover is our tradition, and I like to keep up with that. Our ancestors couldn't eat bread, and it's nice for us to celebrate that every year by going through their struggles." -Marsha Cohen

"Passover has a message for the conscience and the heart of all mankind. For what does it commemorate? It commemorates the deliverance of a people from degrading slavery, from most foul and cruel tyranny. And so, it is Israel's - nay, God's protest against unrighteousness, whether individual or national." -Morris Joseph

"Passover and Easter are the only Jewish and Christian holidays that move in sync, like the ice skating pairs we saw during the winter Olympics." -Marvin Olasky

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