New Ranking Is Further Proof That Not All Passports Are Created Equal

Not All Passports Are Created Equal

Not all passports offer equal freedom -- and not all of them come cheap.

Some countries have passports that allow citizens free access to nearly 200 other nations; others only grant access to a dismal few. And passports aren't equally affordable, as evidenced in this new infographic from travel service GoEuro.

While the cost of a passport is just one day's wages in Sweden, it's more than a year's worth of wages in Liberia.

That means a LOT of easy global access for some citizens, and severely limited mobility for others.

Northern European neighbors Sweden and Finland top GoEuro's "Ultimate Passport Ranking," with moderately-priced passports that grant access to 174 other countries. The U.S. ranks highly as well, though a passport will set you back a steep $135 in most cases. Afghanistan has one of the world's worst passports: citizens have access to just 28 countries for the cost of $128.

How powerful is your passport?


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