Dr. Brian Weiss' Daughter, Amy, Recalls Experience With Past-Life Regression (VIDEO)

As the daughter of past-life regression expert and "Miracles Happen" author Dr. Brian Weiss, social worker Amy Weiss says she had on more than one occasion attempted regression therapy to uncover who she may have been in another life. Yet, for her, none of the sessions had ever worked. So, when the then-25-year-old was diagnosed with cataracts that could eventually leave her blind, Amy says she certainly didn't expect one more past-life regression attempt to make much difference ... until it did.

In this clip from "Super Soul Sunday," Amy opens up about the past-life regression that changed her present life. One day, Dr. Weiss came to lead a past-life regression workshop at the hospital where his daughter was working and, with zero expectations, Amy figured it couldn't hurt to attend. "I decided I'll give it a try. I'll see if I can figure out the source of my cataracts," she recalls. "Regression therapy had never worked for me personally in the past, so I just went in thinking, 'Maybe I'll have a good nap.'"

Amy says she closed her eyes and heard Dr. Weiss instruct her to go back in time to when the symptoms first began. Rather than picturing herself as the young woman she was, Amy experienced something very different. "Immediately, I saw myself in the body of an old man with long white hair, living in the Middle Ages," Amy says.

This old man, she explains, lived a very solitary life inside a hut. "I was basically a hermit," Amy says of her past life. "But these townspeople thought I was a wizard and that I was doing evil."

The townspeople took action, storming the hut. "They came in with their torches and set fire to everything I owned," Amy says. "And the fire burned my eyes. It blinded me... I could feel his pain, and, so, that man just sunk into a deep depression."

Dr. Weiss then told his workshop attendees to go to the end of that life and hear what the message of that life was. "The message I heard was, 'Sadness clouds the eyes,'" Amy remembers. "For me, that had a double meaning, not just that I had been carrying the cataracts and the literal blindness from the past life, but... I had been carrying that man's sadness in the present life too."

After this regression, much to Amy's surprise, her doctors told her that her cataracts had disappeared. "There could be biological explanations for why my cataracts healed," she says. "But it doesn't really matter to me. What matters to me is that they were gone."

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