Pasta Carbonara Reaches New Heights In This Mesmerizing Food Video

This will make you feel all the feelings.

Every once in a while a food video totally steals our hearts. It not only grabs our attention but compels us to watch over and over again. A video called "La Carbonara" from creative agency MONKIE TALKIE has done just that. It's the most beautiful food video we've seen in recent memory.

Carbonara is one of those classic dishes that is so simple it's often hard to believe how delicious it can be. Made with pork -- either pancetta or guanciale -- eggs and cheese, this pasta dish is as easy to make as it is comforting. It also happens to make an excellent breakfast pasta, if you're into that kind of thing.

The video from MONKIE TALKIE makes this humble dish look down right sexy. With tantalizing close-ups and amazing slow motion shots, it traces the step-by-step process of building a simple spaghetti carbonara. Soothing but stimulating music plays in the background as heightened sound effects -- like the crunch of peppercorns and the shredding of fresh Parmesan -- escort you along the journey.

Check out the video above and be prepared to revisit it more than just a few times. "La Carbonara" won't only make you cancel your dinner plans to make pasta carbonara at home tonight. It will make you feel a lot of feelings, too.

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