Evangelical Pastor Reveals Why He Quit Trump's Advisory Board So Soon

The Rev. A.R. Bernard urged fellow evangelicals to "walk away" from Trump if he goes against their convictions.

It didn’t take long for the Rev. A. R. Bernard to realize that he wouldn’t be able to effect change as part of President Donald Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board.

Bernard, the senior pastor and CEO of the New York megachurch Christian Cultural Center, revealed on Wednesday’s broadcast of “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” that his doubts about Trump began to set in during the second meeting of the group.

Then, in August, Trump failed to condemn white nationalists for the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Bernard became the first adviser to quit the board

Trump was put into power “as a Saul,” Bernard said during an interview with Bee. “Not at the desire of God, but as a concession to the people and who ended up exposing the spiritual and moral condition of the nation.”

Fellow evangelicals should hold Trump accountable for his actions and “be willing to walk away” from access to the White House if the president went against their convictions, he added. “You have a responsibility to the nation.”

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