Pastors Camp On Billboard To Raise Money For Charity

Two pastors in Lake Wales, Fla., spent a full week on top of a billboard, 21 feet off the ground, to promote their charity campaign and try and raise $30,000 for local and international children. Shawn Rudy and Walter Nelson, pastors at the Lake Wales First Assembly of God, have set up two tents on the 10-by-20 foot platform, along with some folding tables and chairs and small portable toilet. A banner on the scaffolding reads "Help Me Raise $30,000 for Kids Charities."

The stunt, known as Up In The Air, raised money for 12 different charities, reports the News Chief's Kara Phelps, including orphanages, groups that provide housing to homeless children, and organizations that build schools in rural areas of foreign countries.

"You do what you've got to do, and we're striving to be a blessing to our kids in our own community and around the world," Rudy told local Bay News 9.

"I've done some fun things before, a weeklong campout in the church front yard. Up In the Air is probably one of the most unique things I've done," said Nelson to the Lake Wales News.

The pastors came down Saturday, at which point Rudy said he couldn't wait to take an hour-long shower.