PAT, Bolivian News Channel, Falls For "Lost" Hoax About Air France Crash (VIDEO)

That Air France flight that tragically crashed this month over the Atlantic Ocean has gained an air of mystery as investigators struggle to understand how and why it crashed. However, one news channel in Bolivia, PAT, was a little too credulous when they aired what seemed to be extraordinary photos said to be from the last moments before the plane crash, "retrieved from a recovered Casio Z750, which was subsequently traced via the serial number to its owner - "Paulo G. Muller, an actor from a well-known children's theatre on the out More..skirts of Porto Alegre".

In fact, the photos are from the very fake plane crash from the very popular U.S. television show "Lost." Readers who are fans of the show will likely recognize star Evangeline Lilly in the foreground of the photos. The news channel also should have been tipped off to the hoax because the photos of the "crash" are taken during daylight when the Air France crash occurred at night.

Also, did they really think someone would have been casually snapping photos as their plane broke in half? Watch the Bolivian news channel's report on the "crash" below.