Fox News Guest Wants To Use 'Man Traps' Instead Of Gun Control To Prevent Shootings

Former New York Police Detective Pat Brosnan said "smart technology" could prevent school shootings.

A Fox News guest’s solution for school shootings is receiving Wile E. Coyote comparisons.

During an episode of “Hannity” on Tuesday, former New York Police Department Detective Pat Brosnan said schools should install “man traps” to capture potential shooters. Brosnan’s suggestion came after at least 19 children and two teachers were killed in a mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

“Man traps, a series of interlocking doors at the school entrance that are triggered by a tripwire. The tripwire can be a gunshot, broken glass, a manual switch tossed by the school employee and it traps the shooter like a rat,” Brosnan said.

You can watch a clip from Brosnan’s appearance below:

According to his LinkedIn page, Brosnan received the New York State Police Officer of the Year award in 1990. He has been a guest on Fox News for over two decades and has suggested man traps as a method to catch school shooters in the past.

“You have to be able to trap these guys in compartments when they come into the school when they elicit certain behavior,” Brosnan told Fox News host Neil Cavuto during coverage of the Santa Fe High School shooting that left eight students and two teachers dead in Santa Fe, Texas, in 2018. “That’s the key, I’m a huge fan of it.”

After a mass shooting in San Jose, California, in 2021, Brosnan told Fox News viewers that the COVID-19 vaccine would be responsible for an increase in mass shootings.

“Once COVID starts to lift, these cowardly shooters will come out exactly in tandem with the number of vaccinations,” Brosnan said in 2021 per Insider. “You can be sure they probably got vaccinated. They were just scared to come out.”

Brosnan’s latest remarks sparked criticism from a number of Twitter users:

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