Pat Buchanan: 'Militant Gay Rights Groups' And Van Jones Are Behind My MSNBC Controversy (AUDIO)

Pat Buchanan Blames Gays, Civil Rights Groups For Recent Troubles

Embattled pundit Pat Buchanan lobbed another grenade at MSNBC on Tuesday, saying that a smear campaign by "militant gay rights groups" and Van Jones was contributing to his months-long absence from the network.

Buchanan has not been seen on MSNBC since late October, and network president Phil Griffin told reporters on Saturday that the views his employee laid out in a recent book are to blame. The book, "Suicide of a Superpower," contains a chapter entitled "The Death of White America" and posits that the "European core" of the country is being throttled by immigrants. Griffin said that Buchanan might not be allowed back on MSNBC at all.

However, Buchanan has recently been pushing back against his bosses. On Monday, he spoke to radio host Hugh Hewitt, saying that medical problems had sidelined him and that he has not been formally suspended from MSNBC. On Tuesday, he spoke to Sean Hannity on his radio show and repeated that claim. But he took things one step further. He said that the issues in his book were the "great issues facing the country for the next 25 years" and should be discussed.

"Look, for a long period of time the hard left, militant gay rights groups, militant -- they call themselves civil rights groups, but I'm not sure they're concerned about civil rights -- people of color, Van Jones, these folks and others have been out to get Pat Buchanan off TV," Buchanan continued. "This has been done for years and years and years and it's the usual suspects doing the same thing again."

Buchanan has recently been the target of a sustained campaign from Color of Change, the group Jones founded, as well as the Human Rights Campaign and the Anti-Defamation League.

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