White Supremacists Show Support for MSNBC's Pat Buchanan

White nationalists see Pat Buchanan as a mainstream champion of their beliefs. So when ColorOfChange.org launched a campaign last week calling on MSNBC to fire Buchanan from his role as a contributor and political analyst, white supremacists took to the Internet to rally around their prized public intellectual. Their goal? Make sure Buchanan maintains his position on a major cable news network so that divisive, racially inflammatory ideas continue to circulate in the mainstream.

To date, more than 84,000 people of all races and ethnic backgrounds have signed the ColorOfChange petition demanding that MSNBC -- an otherwise respectable news outlet -- stop elevating a contributor who regularly espouses white supremacist, anti-Semitic and homophobic views. But the community of commenters on Stormfront.org, a white nationalist site, have rushed to defend Buchanan, calling him "a real national treasure" and expressing regret that David Duke ("another honorable white man") isn't taken seriously by mainstream media the way that Buchanan is.

Here's more from the Stormfront community in support of Buchanan:

Stormfront member Tenniel:

"There have been NO mainstream leaders who have spoken out in support of the White race and White America. Now, finally, ONE mainstream White leader is doing so. This is a tear in the american jew matrix."

Stormfront member NationalCrusader14:

"I congratulate him for telling the truth. He is the only person on national television regularly with pro-white views. I know James Edwards and David Duke have appeared on Television/Talmudvision before but they do not get on very often because they are not allowed."

Tenniel would later post:

"His spunk is a fine example for all White folk. This is what White people in all walks of life need to do. Say their minds -- stand up for our people -- openly oppose the Genocide -- and refuse to back down OR APOLOGIZE."

Stormfront member allkesh:

"Good for Pat. I hope more pro-whiteness takes a hold & historical civil rights violations of society & the US Government come to light. David Duke is another honorable white man that should be treated the same by the media as Pat & other people!"

Stormfront member Spartan_WhiteKnight:

"I hope Pat Buchanan speaks as much as possible about the extremely anti-white and anti-christian ADL, including other kosher outfits that seek to destroy any White person...Amazing when you think about why Pat is being attacked as he is. That is, until one makes it a point to study jews and their organizations.

Stormfront member Tenniel contributed again:

"I very much hope that Pat does not allow himself to be intimidated by the jews and negroes into not going on Political Cesspool again. The White race NEEDS him AND MANY WHITE MAINSTREAM LEADERS to continue speaking up for his people. I would be VERY disappointed if he let himself be bullied out of doing so. It's absolutely absurd and incredibly COWARDLY that White MAINSTREAM leaders are not speaking up for the survival of themselves, their wives, their children, their future children, their countries, their civilization, their people, their own genetics.

If HUNDREDS of White MAINSTREAM leaders (politicians, television and radio personalities, writers, movie/television and sports celebrities) all at once simultaneously transformed into racially aware and patriotic champions for their own race (suddenly became vocal WN's) -- and spoke out strongly and bravely against the Genocide of the White race and White civilization regardless of the responses of our non-white anti-white PARASITES -- our people would awaken en masse -- and what could the filthy slimy bstard jew and negro and mestizo parasites do about it (short of nuking all of our countries -- or, rather, making our idiotic suicidal traitorous military nuke our own countries)? Nothing."

Stormfront member Brend:

"If MSNBC fires Pat, than they need to fire Al and half their staff. Frankly, their staff has been extremely bias against whites. Pat as an analyst doesn't even balance the bottom 1% of all the media bias against whites."

As these comments show, white supremacists are supporting MSNBC's efforts to keep Pat Buchanan in the mainstream.

Playing to his base

In an appearance last week on NPR's Diane Rehm show, Buchanan gave a nod to the white supremacist fringe that supports his work. He used the word "ethno masochist" to describe President Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, a woman who married first a Kenyan national and then a man from Indonesia. What may sound like a made up word to most of the world is actually used frequently in white supremacist and far-right circles. The top Google result for "ethno masochist" points to a definition of the word at a site called "Metapedia," whose front page helpfully informs us that "words like Nazi, anti-semite and conspiracy theory were all created by Jews as a means of thought control." Also on the first page of results is a link to "Skadi Forum" a "Germanic Online Community," and "Majorityrights.com," which describes itself as discussing "various issues related to the preservation of Western culture and the ethnic genetic interests (EGI) of people of European ancestry." So with the use of the word last week, Buchanan sounded a dog whistle that the white supremacist community heard loud and clear.

People nationwide understand that his recent missteps are just the latest in career built on stirring up racial anxieties and validating the worst fears and hatreds that some Americans hold. But it's just as clear to members of the white pride movement that if Pat Buchanan loses his perch on cable news, their community loses one of the few people who validate their extremist perspective in the mainstream. They understand that if MSNBC stopped providing him with a platform, Buchanan would be going on far-right radio programs and writing his books in obscurity. In other words, he'd be firmly in the margins where he belongs.

MSNBC's motto is "Lean forward." But in choosing to back Buchanan and his racially divisive ideas, they're proving they're not willing to practice what they preach.