Pat Buchanan To Fix Conservatism At Conference In Virginia (And The Rest Of Your Scritti Politti)

Hey! What a weekend for people in the D.C. area! Coming to the Birchmere is Charles Ross, acclaimed One Man Lord Of The Rings. I want to go to there!

But hey, what if you'd rather have the same sort of experience, only much longer, with more people, and everyone's rooting for Sauron to win? Well, you are in luck, because in McLean, Virginia this Saturday at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, The American Cause is gathering up the nations most noteworthy dyspeptics and race-baiters under one roof, for a meeting hosted by Pat "Go Somewhere And Chill While The Adults Talk About The Holocaust Museum Shooting" Buchanan, his sister Bay, and their ward, Marcus "Karate Chop" Epstein. It will be fun, fun, fun, until the Tom Tancredo karaoke breakout session, and then you'll probably wish you were dead.

I'm Tellin' All A Y'All It's A Sabato: When Virgil Goode lost his seat, Larry Sabato lost a partner in cronyism. Ben Smith has all the details. I agree that the most fascinating disclosure here is the existence of a "Cordel Faulk," billed as Sabato's "current spokesman." I had no idea that Sabato left anything for anyone else to say!

Birther Madness: Is it just me, or is it really messed up that Tom Coburn is even entertaining the derangement of these birther people? He and President Barack Obama are supposed to be "longtime friends." But for the sake of not losing a single potential fringe weirdo vote, Coburn is supporting the birther bill. Not particularly friendly.

Make Up Call: Greg Sargent reports that after a sustained period of heavy criticism for soft-footing promises made to the gay community, the Obama Justice Department is planning to meet with gay rights organizations. "At the meeting -- which hasn't been announced and is expected to include leading gay rights groups like GLAD and Lambda Legal -- both sides are expected to hash out how to proceed with pending DOMA cases."

Pixar=Good People: "Pixar flew an employee with a DVD of the animated feature film "Up" (which is only in theaters right now) to the home of a terminally ill child for a private viewing." I don't think there's anyone in the world who've done more with computers to promote humanity than the much-beloved and well-acclaimed digital animators.

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