Pat Buchanan: 'Let's Hope' A Woman Isn't Elected President By 2040 (VIDEO)

Pat Buchanan: 'Let's Hope' A Woman Isn't Elected President For Decades

Pat Buchanan raised some eyebrows on Sunday's "McLaughlin Group" when he cheerfully appeared to express his hope that a woman will not be elected president until at least 2040.

Moderator John McLaughlin, deploying his usual barking style, asked his panelists to "cut to the chase" and tell him when the United States will elect a female president. "When?!" he boomed at them.

"2040 or 2050," Buchanan offered. "That late?" McLaughlin asked. "Let's hope so," Buchanan said. The other panelists chuckled nervously, and Newsweek's Eleanor Clift (the sole woman present) said, "what about Hillary Clinton in 2016?"

Buchanan later said he had been "joking about 2040," though he still maintained that it would be a "long time" before a woman reached the Oval Office.

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