Pat Kiernan Hearts Peter Jennings (VIDEO)

HuffPost Live got the Pat Kiernan treatment on Thursday.

Everybody's favorite NY1 newsman gave the network the distinguished honor of putting that Kiernan spin on HuffPost headlines. As he read various headlines about the sale of a topless Bea Arthur painting and a Massachusetts inmate who requested dragon blood and cake for Wiccan rituals—y'know, normal HuffPost stuff—he revealed that he was channeling one of the industry's greatest anchors, his fellow suave Canadian import Peter Jennings. We would have loved to see Jennings tackle the headline "Nude Bea Arthur Painting By John Currin Sells For $1.9 Million At Christie's Auction (NSFW)(PHOTO)," but Kiernan handled the task with aplomb.

Host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin noticed that Kiernan tilted his head slightly while reading the headlines. "That's a Peter Jennings move," Kiernan said. "He had this way of kind of composing his thoughts and then engaging with the camera."

Jennings also happens to be Kiernan's favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional. "He made it seem so easy," Keirnan told New York Magazine in 2007. Well, Pat, so do you.



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