Pat Roberts: 'I Don't Know What We've Done To Mother Nature' (VIDEO)


WASHINGTON -- Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) took to the Senate floor Tuesday to lament the need for crop insurance, pointing out that extreme weather has battered the nation in recent years. He cited historic drought and floods in the Midwest and Superstorm Sandy in the East.

But Roberts, who receives poor ratings from environmental groups, avoided linking the natural disasters to any kind of human-generated climate change, suggesting Mother Nature simply has it in for America.

"I don't know what we've done to Mother Nature, but she sure hasn't been very kind to us," Roberts said.

The senator has previously acknowledged that the globe is warming, but declared he didn't know what it meant, saying of the science that connects greenhouse gases to climate change: "A lot of this is condescending elitism."

The Government Accountability Office earlier this year added climate change to its list of the greatest risks facing the federal government. Nearly all scientists agree that humans are most likely to blame for the planet's rapid warming, according to NASA.

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