Pat Robertson: Democratic Party 'Out Of Its Mind' To Support Gay Marriage

The Democratic party might be "out of [its] mind" to support same-sex marriage, Pat Robertson has declared.

As Right Wing Watch reports, the notorious anti-gay pundit's remark came as was commenting on a segment of "The 700 Club," which reported on the Coalition of African-American Pastors' (CAAP) professed opposition to marriage equality.

Robertson asked, "To think that the Democratic Party would put in their platform support of gay marriage, you just say: what are they thinking about, what are they thinking about?”

He went on to note, "The Obama administration has insulted the Catholic church in terms of funding for contraception and forced all the things they're trying to impose on Catholic schools...and now to see this on the platform, you think: 'Are you out of your mind?'"

In recent broadcasts, Robertson challenged gay rights supporters "to bring forth a baby from that part of the anatomy which they concentrate on" or "shut their mouth" over the recent Chick-fil-A controversy. Prior to that, he has denounced homosexuality as being related to a type of "demonic possession," and has previously promoted so-called "ex-gay conversion" or reparative therapy on his show.

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