Pat Robertson endorses legalization of "a couple of ounces" of marijuana on The 700 Club

Cue the video to about 3:02 and you will hear the head of The 700 Club, Pat Robertson, the guy who agreed with Falwell about "feminists, pagans, abortionists" and such causing the 9/11 attacks, the guy who claimed God sent Hurricane Katrina to punish New Orleans for an upcoming gay pride festival, the former presidential candidate, endorse the legalization of "a couple of ounces" of marijuana!, coincidentally at about the 4:20 mark.

Don't Ask Don't Tell repealed and now Pat Robertson endorses marijuana legalization? Be on the look out for a vengeful and furious God! Or maybe the Mayans were right and 2012 is the end.

Or maybe there is a Santa Claus and he's giving this atheist gay-rights supporter and marijuana blogger and early Christmas present.

"It got to be a big deal in campaigns: 'He's tough on crime,' and 'lock 'em up!'" Robertson said. "That's the way these guys ran and, uh, they got elected. But, that wasn't the answer.

"We're locking up people that have taken a couple puffs of marijuana and next thing you know they've got 10 years with mandatory sentences. These judges just say, they throw up their hands and say nothing we can do with these mandatory sentences. We've got to take a look at what we're considering crimes and that's one of 'em.

"I'm ... I'm not exactly for the use of drugs, don't get me wrong, but I just believe that criminalizing marijuana, criminalizing the possession of a few ounces of pot, that kinda thing it's just, it's costing us a fortune and it's ruining young people. Young people go into prisons, they go in as youths and come out as hardened criminals. That's not a good thing."