Pat Robertson's Facebook 'Vomit' Option For Gay Couples' Photos Discussed On 'The Rubin Report'

What To Make Of Pat Robertson's Infamous 'Vomit' Plea For Gay Facebook Photos?

Pat Robertson's now-infamous suggestion for a "vomit" option on Facebook to apply to same-sex couples' kissing photographs gets discussed on the latest edition of "The Rubin Report."

"Rubin Report" host Dave Rubin is joined by Leeann Tweeden of "UFC Tonight" and "Poker After Dark" and radio and TV comedian Gina Grad to dissect Robertson's eyebrow-raising proclamation.

"I respect his beliefs, and he has every right to believe what he wants to believe -- that's his right," Tweeden says. "Take it for what it's worth, I think people are gonna look at that clip and make their own decisions...and be like, 'OK, he's a crazy old man who can't see...that people are different."

Meanwhile, Grad takes a more analytical approach overall, saying Robertson's views could be seen as "a gauge of where the super, super, crazy, hardcore conservatives are," as "we've been seeing...a lot of really conservative people breaking down a little bit and accepting that the world is changing and that people are evolving."

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