Pat Robertson Likens Gay Marriage Advocates To The Illuminati (VIDEO)

Televangelist Pat Robertson thinks supporters of same-sex marriage are akin to followers of the Illuminati.

The 83-year-old Christian Broadcasting Network host was discussing the legalization of same-sex marriage in France on an episode of "The 700 Club" last week when he delved into the issue of history repeating itself, according to Right Wing Watch. Robertson claims supporters of gay rights are just like supporters of the Illuminati and they could be to blame for some disastrous repercussions.

The Illuminati, a group with supposedly mystical ties that some people have claimed has immense influence on society and culture, have been tied to a number of conspiracy theories for years, but the name originally referred to the Bavarian Illuminati. The Bavarian Illuminati was a group formed in 1776 during the Age of Enlightenment, according to Cracked. Its members supported equality and reason, but some believed they were rebels who started the French Revolution. The group was dismantled in 1784.

"It has been said that those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to live them again," Robertson said. "If you go back in history to the French Revolution, there was a thrust spurred by the writings of the group called the Illuminati to destroy the family, to destroy the state, to destroy capitalism and to destroy the church.”

“We have here a debate over same-sex marriage,” he added, "but is it really just about marriage? Or does it go far beyond that to destroy the traditional family and building a country without God?"

In March, he slammed the move for legalized same-sex marriage saying that marriage between a man and a woman is "the foundation of our society since the founding of our great Republic." He boiled down the issue of equal rights to the agenda of a few people who "want to have their way of doing sex affirmed by everyone else."




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