Pat Robertson Says Gays 'Will Die Out'

Pat Robertson Predicts Gays 'Will Die Out'

Televangelist Pat Robertson predicts that gays will die out because they don't reproduce.

Robertson was responding to a viewer who belongs to a church in which congregants aren't allowed to date.

"It is treated as a sin to show interest in or have a mutual understanding in church with the opposite sex," wrote Crystal. "Most of the people in church are frustrated because we're getting older and no one is getting married."

In comments made on his show "The 700 Club" on ABC Family that were then posted on YouTube by Right Wing Watch, Robertson replied:

"You know those who are homosexual will die out because they don't reproduce. You have to have heterosexual sex to reproduce. Same thing with that church. It's doomed. It's going to die out, 'cause it's the most nonsensical thing I have heard in a long time. This is absurd.

God has made us to be in families. God has created a desire of men and women to have attraction to the opposite sex so that they will reproduce and have children.

If I were you, I'd get out of the church as fast as I could, cast the dust of it on your feet, shake off the dust and run.

Of course, gays can become parents in a number of ways, including surrogacy. And as Inquisitr points out, the children of gay parents are no more likely to be gay than other children, according to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

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