Pat Robertson: Gay Sex Is 'Not Very Pretty' And 'A Little Disgusting'

No stranger to anti-gay remarks, conservative televangelist and media mogul Pat Robertson is making headlines with a fresh set of claims.

As Right Wing Watch is reporting, Robertson described gay sex as "not very pretty" on a recent broadcast of "The 700 Club," even though he acknowledged that "you can be attracted to the same sex, no problem."

“I don’t want to get graphic, that guy on 'Duck Dynasty' got graphic and it got a little disgusting, but when you see what they do, it’s not very pretty,” Robertson said in the broadcast. He went on to note, “Nobody can ever produce a child through homosexual sex or lesbian sex -- you cannot do it. This is for procreation and God has said that those who violate it, the land will vomit them out.”

Last year, Robertson sparked the ire of many in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community when he alleged that HIV-infected individuals in cities like San Francisco purposefully infect others by cutting them with special rings.

Among those to condemn Robertson's claim was Anderson Cooper, who noted, "A ring that gives you AIDS. I've never seen that particular section of Zales."



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