Pat Robertson Tells Mother To Treat Gay Son The Same Way She'd Treat A Drug Addict

Pat Robertson has, in recent months, advised two concerned parents to skip the same-sex wedding of their child and suggested a teenage boy might be having same-sex crushes because he's being raised by a single mother.

Now, he's at it again, telling a "700 Club" viewer that she should treat her gay son, who just came out of the closet, like a drug addict, Right Wing Watch first reported.

“You cannot go along and say, ‘I agree with your lifestyle,' so don't be an enabler," he said. "If he's a drug addict ... you don't enable people to continue in their drug habits."

He then added, "It's a very difficult relationship. You don't want to shun him. You want to have love, but you gotta let him know that you don't approve of the things that he's doing."

Of course, Robertson's history of anti-gay sentiment is extensive. In recent weeks, he blasted a Washington state judge's ruling that a florist's refusal to provide flowers for a gay couple's wedding had violated anti-discrimination legislation and suggested companies may soon be forced to cater to man/dog weddings.

He also recently suggested that a young boy's interest in gay magazines might be brought on because he'd been "attacked or molested by an authority figure."



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