Pat Robertson Apparently Healed A Man's Toothache Through The TV (VIDEO)

Televangelist, media mogul... and toothache-healer?

Conservative Christian Pat Robertson has done and said many colorful things over his long career as host of the Christian Broadcasting Network's "The 700 Club." Now it appears he'll be adding "healed a viewer’s toothache through the television" to the list.

Robertson, along with his "700 Club" co-host Terry Meeuwsen, reportedly healed man's ailing tooth during a program in June. The viewer, whose name is Darren, recently came forward to tell his story on the Christian Broadcasting Network, where it was discovered by Raw Story.

The short online segment, titled “Jaw Infection Healed by Miracle Prayer," features Darren explaining how nothing seemed to be helping his painful toothache. Surgery seemed like the only option, he said, but then he tuned into "The 700 Club."

Robertson and Meeuwsen started talking about a man suffering from a painful toothache and seemed to be speaking directly about him, Darren said.

"Someone has an infection in a wisdom tooth that's actually gone up into the bone and the jaw," Meeuwsen said. "God is completely healing that for you."

Darren said the next thing he knew, his pain had indeed gone away.

“I didn’t even think of it at first,” Darren said in the segment. “And then I’m like, ‘My jaw isn’t hurting anymore.’ That’s when I realized that was for me.”

Although the fruits of their labors are not always so apparent, Robertson and Meeuwsen conduct these types of faith healings on many episodes of "The 700 Club."

In September, when asked to describe how exactly faith healings work, Robertson told his viewers the practice is a "manifestation of the Holy Spirit."

However, some medical experts caution that faith healing can be dangerous. Each year several children die in the United States because their parents sought faith healings instead of medical help, an Associated Press report notes.



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