Pat Robertson Casts 'Shield Of Protection' Ahead Of Hurricane Florence

Televangelist sends out an anti-storm incantation via the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Televangelist Pat Robertson broke out a prayer that sounded more like a wizard’s spell as he attempted to block the approach of Hurricane Florence.

The massive storm is on a path to strike the Carolinas later this week, prompting mass evacuations in coastal areas.

Speaking in Virginia, home of his Christian Broadcasting Network and in the potential path of the storm, Robertson cited a Bible passage in which Jesus commanded the wind and water on the Sea of Galilee to “be still.”

Then the preacher said he and his followers could accomplish the same “if we are together with one accord.”

In a clip posted online by Right Wing Watch, he asked followers to “put a hand out toward the Atlantic” and repeat an incantation.

“In the name of Jesus, you Hurricane Florence, we speak to you in the name of Jesus, and we command the storm to cease its forward motion and go harmlessly into the Atlantic. Go up north away from land and veer off in the name of Jesus. We declare in the name of the lord that you shall go no farther, you shall do no damage in this area.”

He also declared a “shield of protection” over the Virginia area in which he was speaking and around “innocent people” in the storm’s path.

“In Jesus’ holy name, be out to sea!” he called out.

He warned followers that they must have no doubts in their faith for the ritual to work but added that the “shield” has worked against previous hurricanes.

“It’s almost hilarious to see them try,” he said. “They try to get in and they can’t, and then they go north and they turn around, try to come back in. They can’t do it.”

Authorities in several states have ordered mandatory evacuations of areas under threat, including portions of the Carolinas and parts of coastal Virginia.

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