Pat Robertson Laughs About His Cocaine-Using Pal On "700 Club"


On Monday morning's "700 Club", while discussing Hugo Chavez's decision to continue shipping oil to the U.S., Pat Robertson went off on a strange tangent about a producer who revealed the secret to his muscular physique: cocaine. According to Pat, a "700 Club" producer bragged to him several years ago about ingesting a "paste of cocoa" to keep him strong. "Not cocoa like hot chocolate," Pat explained, "but cocoa like cocaine." Pat displayed his grasp of the U.S. legal system, saying "As I understand, the distribution of cocaine and its derivatives are against the law." That didn't stop Pat from having a good laugh at his coke-using producer's expense.

Update: Upon careful review of the episode in question, Robertson was only guilty of using a vague pronoun. The "he" in question refers to Hugo Chavez and not a "700 Club" producer. Huffington Post apologizes for the error.

Watch Pat ruin his drug connections below:

From ABC Family 2/18/08.

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