Pat Robertson Suggests Teen Might Be Having Crushes On Boys Because He's Raised By A Single Mother

A lack of "male companions" could be causing a woman's teenage stepson to have crushes on other boys, at least according to Pat Robertson.

The U.S. televangelist advised a "700 Club" viewer to find her 13-year-old stepson some male companions, as “his attraction is now toward other men because he’s raised by a woman,” Right Wing Watch first reported.

“Before I did anything else, I would get him male companions. I’d get him some man to help him, some mentor, someone who cares about young men,” Robertson advised. “He is being raised by a single woman and that is skewing his orientation.”

In her initial letter, the woman (identified simply as Kristi) noted that her stepson lived with his biological mother most of the time.

Robertson, whose opposition to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) causes is well-established, has made other questionable remarks about the community in recent months. In July, he said that LGBT people want Christians to "have open sex with everybody."

Sounding off on the controversy surrounding a Colorado baker's refusal to prepare a wedding cake for two gay grooms-to-be, he also claimed that Jesus Christ wouldn't have served same-sex couples because they would have been stoned to death instead.

Last year, Robertson told a "700 Club" viewer that homosexuality is "a delicate situation" and suggested she pray for her 30-year-old nephew who just came out as gay.



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