Pat Robertson Warns God Will Punish America With Natural Disasters For Middle East Peace Talks (VIDEO)

Does the whole "God's wrath" line ever get old? Not at all, according to the latest screed from the controversial evangelical Christian leader who hosts the daily "700 Club" television show.

Pat Robertson told his audience Tuesday that he believes God will punish America with natural disastersif it continues to push for a compromise in Middle East peace talks.

“[F]rom a prophetic standpoint, every time the United States gets involved in some kind of a pressure on Israel to split their land, there’s some natural disaster that happens here in America," the televangelist said. "There was a very cogent book written about ... disasters that come on America. Jerusalem was given to the Jews, it is their capital, and the whole idea of splitting that capital is just folly."

He continues thus: “[I]f the United States pressures Israel to try to give up half of Jerusalem, God himself is going to come against this nation. Watch it.”

This is not the first time Robertson has warned of retribution for Middle East peace talks. It's not even his first warning this year.

In April, Robertson discussed Secretary of State John Kerry's efforts in Israel and Palestine, and made a similar warning against granting territorial concessions to the Palestinians.

"For the United States to get into a deal where they're trying to split Jerusalem and take it away from the Israelis and split up their capital -- huge mistake," he said at the time. "You're asking for the wrath of Almighty God to fall on this nation. And when it falls, it won't be fun."

Back in 2006, Robertson also claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's stroke was brought on because of his own efforts in peace talks.

"Ariel Sharon's stroke was divine punishment for 'dividing God's land,'" Robertson said during the Jan. 5 episode of the "700 Club." "I would say woe unto any prime minister of Israel who takes a similar course to appease the EU [European Union], the United Nations or United States of America."

(Hat tip, Right Wing Watch)

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