Pat Robertson: Americans Should Revolt Against Obamacare

Televangelist Pat Robertson urged viewers Wednesday to look to the protests in Egypt for an example on how to deal with Obamacare.

“You know, they revolted in Egypt against the oppressive actions of the Muslim Brotherhood,” Robertson said on his show "700 Club" before turning to talk about the Affordable Care Act, according to Right Wing Watch. “This example of state socialism is something that Americans should rise up against.”

“They snuck that thing by us,” Robertson said of Obamacare, which he later called "twenty-six, 2700 pages of gobbledygook."

Robertson's criticism of President Barack Obama and his policies is nothing new. In December 2012, Robertson accused Obama of being a "socialist" who wants to "destroy" America.

"I think he thinks ideologically: 'I must cripple the capitalist class; I must cripple the business owners; I must destroy the free enterprise system in America,'" Robertson said of the president.

(h/t Raw Story)



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