Pat Robertson On 700 Club Warns Christian Against Marrying Muslim (VIDEO) (POLL)

WATCH: Pat Robertson Tells Christian To Lose The Muslim Girlfriend

Rev. Pat Robertson weighed into the fraught world of interfaith marriage with some advice for a Christian fellow who plans to marry his Muslim girlfriend.

"I've been with my girlfriend for three years and we're planning on getting married," writes Brad in the friendly Q&A section of Robertson's 700 club. "Here's the thing. I'm a Christian, she's a Muslim. People have told me to break it off with her. But she seems open to the faith, and I'm worried that leaving her will turn her off to Christianity and it isn't exactly Christ-like. What do you think."

Robertson lost no time in telling Brad to get rid of his Muslim fiance with a warning about being yoked with 'unbelievers' and referencing the Old Testament when Jews were forbidden to intermarry with the 'heathen.'

No way! No way! She's going to want to do her Muslim thing and your going to want to do your Christian thing. There will be constant struggle and strife. Walk Away!

This may be good advice as many studies show that interfaith marriages are more likely to fail than people of the same views on religion. Just look at TomKat.

Robertson's solution in the end is for the young man to pray that the Muslim girlfriend become a Christian. And if that doesn't work, Robertson tells the young man, "Then say goodbye!"

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