Pat Robertson Thinks Gays Won't Find 'Real Love'

The televangelist's homophobia knows no bounds.

According to Pat Robertson, gay people who want to find "real love" can only do so if they renounce the "homosexual lifestyle" first. 

The conservative televangelist, who is no stranger to anti-gay remarks, made the eyebrow-raising claim on an installment of "The 700 Club" last week, Right Wing Watch reports. On the show, Robertson told the story of a man named Robert who "chose the homosexual lifestyle because he craved attention from men." 

Robertson -- as seen in the video above -- then suggested that Robert sought that attention because of an abusive stepfather. Soon, however, Robert "was facing full-blown AIDS," Robertson said. "Every day, he prayed to die, until a Christian family befriended him and gave him a reason to live." 

Suggesting that Robert was "just being used by people" before he eventually "came free," Robertson dismissed same-sex relationships as "one form of lust." 

"He wasn't homosexual. He was a person looking for love," he said. "He wanted the real thing, and he got it. God gave him real love." 

Of course, Robertson's comments aren't particularly surprising given his penchant for spewing homophobia. Last year, he told one mother, whose son had just come out as gay, to treat her child the same way she'd treat a drug addict.  

He also applauded a grandfather for barring his gay grandson from bringing a boyfriend to Thanksgiving dinner, oddly likening the request to inviting a stripper to a holiday celebration. 

Another day, another dose of homophobia from a repeat offender. Sigh. 



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