Pat Robertson Says Even Jesus Tattoos Are Only For Heathens

Pat Robertson Says Even Jesus Tattoos Are Only For Heathens

Tattoos are unbiblical and only fit for heathens -- even if the ink portrays Jesus or other religious subjects, according to Pat Robertson.

During a “Bring It On” segment of The 700 Club, the televangelist responded to a viewer who said his friend was considering getting a tattoo of Jesus. "Does that make it okay?" the viewer asked.

“It doesn’t make it okay because it’s religious, believe me,” Robertson responded. “I mean, it could be a tattoo of some hoochie-cooch girl. It doesn’t really make any difference.”

The Bible outlines that people cannot "mark their bodies, and cut themselves like the heathen did,” Robertson continues.

“Tattooing is heathen practice. It is not a Christian practice, to mar the body that [God] gave you. And you see people that have gone crazy on this, and their bodies are just filled with these things. It is a heathen practice, and it is prohibited in the Old Testament. So that fact that it’s Jesus doesn’t make a bit of difference.”

This isn't the first time the prominent evangelist has condemned the practice of tattooing. The topic came up in another "Bring It On" episode in 2011. A viewer inquired:

My son continues to get tattoos. Does the New Testament say anything about this? I'm not sure what I should tell him.

Robertson responds similarly, claiming that the New Testament outlines the marking of the body as a sign of heathenism. He goes so far as to call body marking a "satanic" practice. "Why would your son do this?" he says.

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