Pat Robertson: Jets Treatment Of Tim Tebow Was 'Shameful,' But Athlete Has Big Muscles (VIDEO)

Pat Robertson Weighs In On Tim Tebow News

"I think the treatment of Tim Tebow by the New York Jets is nothing short of shameful," Robertson declared on Tuesday's broadcast of "The 700 Club," a news program on The Christian Broadcasting Network.

"He could have made a tremendous fullback if that's what they'd used him for ... it was just a travesty," Robertson explained.

Oddly, Robertson also used the opportunity to heap praise on Tebow's physique.

"He's got an incredible attitude, and, man, has he got muscles! He's been working out and got this chest and muscles...," Robertson starts to say, before trailing off.

"Anyhow, the Jets, they ought to get the Goat Of The Year award," Robertson concludes.

Relative to recent comments made by the 83-year-old, the remarks about Tebow and the Jets are tame.

In the past few weeks, Robertson has said demonic games like "Dungeons & Dragons" are linked to teen suicide, that it's a shame the Boy Scouts had to get "torn up" just because a few kids wanted to "do sex" with each other, and that the United States ought to fight Islam the way it fought the Nazis during World War II.

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