Pat Robertson Compares Transgender People To His Castrated Horse

Pat Robertson condemned California's new transgender protection legislation as "insane" and absurd" on a recent installment of "The 700 Club."

As Right Wing Watch originally reported, however, the conservative evangelist didn't stop there, and even compared members of the transgender community to his castrated horse.

"We talk about transgender -- I have a former stallion who is now a gelding because stallions get very aggressive, but he wasn't trying to be a girl; we just made him into a less aggressive male," Robertson noted.

Earlier in the program, Robertson, 83, asked co-host Wendy Griffith for a definition of "transgender." Blasting the transgender community as "a loud minority," Griffith responded, "They're still boys, but they dress like girls or they're still girls, but they dress like boys."

Interestingly, Robertson's latest rant contradicts earlier statements he made about the transgender community. Though he called gender confirmation procedures "radical" in a July broadcast, he added at the time, "I don't think there's any sin associated with that. I don't condemn somebody for doing that."

ThinkProgress called Robertson's earlier statement a "refreshing change of pace," while Back 2 Stonewall joked that the comments might push anti-gay American Family Association host Bryan Fischer even "deeper into the end of the insanity pool."



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